Family Owned U Pick Cherry Orchard in Kelowna

Arndt Orchards’ has a deep-rooted history that highlights close family ties and commitment to quality and standards still in existence today as a family owned U Pick Cherry Orchard in Kelowna. 

In 1932 Alexander and Agatha Arndt left their homestead in Alberta in pursuit of new opportunities in Edmonton. After more than a decade in the automotive field, they settled in Kelowna where they embarked on an unexpected, yet prosperous journey. Although they hadn’t intended on becoming orchard proprietors, the Arndt’s were about to prepare the foundation for a family business that has remained intact for close to a century.

Okanagan Valley commercial production of tree fruit originated in the late 1800’s yielding apples, pears, peaches, plums and cherries. In the early 1900’s a land-development company from Belgium began to cultivate the land Arndt Orchards now resides on, in addition to surrounding areas. Their expertise in developing a water district and establishing local orchards paved the way for what would later become a surging supply of delicious, top-quality fruit.

In 1945 the Arndt’s purchased 20 acres of beautiful Kelowna orchard property. With local timber on his land, Alexander built the original Arndt house and tractor shed. The business began with a fully functioning apple orchard and tomato cash crop. Around 1950, Alexander’s son Benjamin planted the orchard’s first imported cherry trees from Louisiana. Before they knew it, Arndt Orchards was fulfilling the cherry demand of the Valley–something they look forward to doing each season.

Over time both orchard and Arndt family have grown. In 1977 Benjamin and Lillian Arndt took over the family business. In 2003, Allen Arndt and his brother Roger along with their wives acquired the farm from their parents. Today Allen and his wife Mary-Ann have acquired more acreage and have grown the business and manage the farm operations. A great history for a great family owned u pick cherry orchard in Kelowna!